Sarah Kenny

Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), Compassion Focussed Therapist (CFT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist (MBCT).

MSc and PG dip in CBT, Registered Mental Health Nurse, BSc Nursing Studies

Please note - Sarah can offer early morning (before 9am) & late evening (after 9pm) appointments.

Sarah is an experienced Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) & Mental Health Nurse who has worked in a range of settings across the NHS over the last 21 years. 

Since graduating with an MSc in CBT, she has worked as a Therapist and Senior Therapist in London and the West Midlands. She specialises in providing assessments and therapy for people with a range of difficulties, including: 

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Sleep Problems and Insomnia

  • Panic

  • Specific phobias e.g. spiders, heights, flying etc.

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder - persistent, repetitive worry.

  • Health anxiety- frequent worries about illness 

  • Social Anxiety Disorder- feeling fearful and anxious in social settings 

  • Perinatal (pre and post birth) depression, anxiety and OCD in women and men

  • Relationship issues 

  • Workplace stress and/or bullying 

  • Experienced in working with members of the LGBTQI+ community and issues that may relate to this.

  • Alcohol & drug use accompanying Mental Health issues / addictions. 

  • Perfectionism 

  • Self criticism, high levels of shame   

As a Mental Health Nurse Sarah has worked on acute inpatient wards in both the UK and overseas, as a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) and as a Substance Misuse Field Worker (Drug and Alcohol).

Sarah is also highly trained and experienced in providing Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). CFT can be particularly helpful for people with long-term low self-esteem, recurrent depression or anxiety and a tendency towards self-criticism. While Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as an important tool in maintaining good mental health. Sarah has personally practiced Mindfulness for over a decade and, as a qualified Yoga instructor, she understands the importance of a holistic approach to health. Sarah has run several MBCT groups  over a number of years. 

Sarah has facilitated one-to-one and group Clinical Supervision for trainee and qualified Therapists. She has also lectured in CBT as part of a programme delivered in conjunction with University of Wolverhampton and Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. This pioneering scheme sought to ensure that all staff received training in basic concepts in CBT. 

Sarah has completed a number of courses since she qualified as a CBT Therapist, including a Masters Degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from University of Birmingham, to ensure her practice remains current, knowledgable and fully evidence-based.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

• Member of British Association of Behavioural and Psychotherapies (BABCP)

• MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, University of Birmingham (2013). 

• Post-Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Staffordshire University (2010).

• BSc Nursing studies, University of Wolverhampton (2007)

• Registered Mental Health Nurse and member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. (NMC) since 1997. 

 Sarah views therapy as a partnership. She strives to build a warm, empathic relationship based on a shared understanding of a client's issues, the impact they have and how they can be reduced. This includes planning to maintain good, long-term mental health, with a focus on identifying and reducing the risks of relapse or the recurrence of difficulties. 

She believes that through joint-working, the therapist and client can identify the key issues and barriers to progress before working towards a meaningful recovery.

Sarah Kenny - CBT - Expert Online Therapist

Testimonials for Sarah

“Sarah is the ultimate professional, firm but fair, sympathetic yet realistic. She taught me so much about myself and has spent a lot of time working on relapse prevention something that I will hopefully be able to use forever.

I think it’s actually very difficult to put into words just how far I’ve come” Tammy

“Sarah was really lovely and kind, and very empathetic. If I struggle again I will definitely be booking in for more sessions. Thank you” Catherine

“It (online therapy) meant I could find a time that suited me and there were no travel restrictions. Plus I could have a therapist I knew even though she lives in a different country.”

“Sarah really helped with my fear of presentations and public speaking. I was asked to speak at a conference and was absolutely dreading it. The CBT sessions helped me deal with the anxiety leading up to the presentation and I believe, helped to keep me calm on the day. It also changed my outlook about future presentations. I would definitely recommend this type of therapy. As a busy, working mum, I found the online sessions great and I was able to fit the therapy in at convenient times.” Anne

“I was very stressed and needed to improve quality of my life. I realised this investment will be worth it as it will help me face my business problems in a much better and calmer way, leading to productivity in my work and personal life.”

Sarah was very professional and meticulous in her therapy, always willing to answer questions and making me feel comfortable. I was satisfied with the content and her style of therapy.” Nitin

“I was initially apprehensive about using online therapy but my anxiety had gotten to a point where I really needed help and being an expat this was difficult locally so I opted for an online English therapist. I couldn’t have been proven more wrong. Sarah was extremely professional and familiarised me immediately with how CBT could potentially help get rid of my anxiety. I tried therapy before but this was something different and offered a much more plausible solution to previous therapy experiences. I learnt quickly that this was the ideal solution for me and once I started really applying my homework, I could immediately see benefits and that was invaluable. I can’t recommend Sarah enough, she is warm, professional and brilliantly insightful and really the perfect therapist for me. My only regret is I didn’t find her sooner! “ Farhana

“With the flexibility and convenience of online therapy, I was able to book regular appointments to fit around my busy work/study schedule and occasional travel. My irritability went away and my mood lifted, with noticeable positive results at my job.” Annonymous

“Having worked with Sarah in person twice before, I didn’t hesitate to contact her on My Therapist Online. We already had a trust and connection over a number of issues which she helped me overcome (including PTSD and intrusive thoughts). When I found her on My Therapist Online I was able to start sessions immediately, and in a way that fitted my schedule really well. I’m very thankful to have worked with Sarah again, she makes sure she understands the areas of struggle, applies non-judgement, and ensures we work as a partnership, and I can honestly say my compassion and drive for myself has grown immensely.

During my sessions, Sarah has been supportive throughout my progress.” Anonymous