Hello from Lisa

My Therapist Online is a service I set up with my husband Keith.  After having our second child, I was forced to leave the NHS but wanted to continue to provide specialised CBT treatment for people with anxiety disorders through online therapy.

I have treated clients online since 2014 and this experience gives me ultimate confidence to say that online therapy, delivered through video calls works just as effectively as traditional face-to-face delivery. 

After working for the NHS for so many years and achieving my dream job working as a CBT therapist at the National Anxiety Disorders Unit at the Bethem Royal Hospital (you can read my full biography here) it was a big step to take, but one which would enable me to continue to provide specialised therapy around my child care commitments.

As I talked about the online therapy I was providing, I realised there was an unmet need for both people wanting help from a qualified therapist and also for therapists in a similar position.


Many people faced long waiting lists or could not access a therapist in their local area who had the right experience or expertise, sometimes with tragic consequences.

My Therapist Online grew from the needs of busy people wanting therapy without a long wait, those who want treatment that is very discreet & those who want therapy that will conveniently fit around their life commitments.

It is for people who want therapy outside of working hours or after their children are in bed; for people who have found traditional therapy settings awkward or anxiety provoking; for people who struggle to leave the house to access traditional therapy. Online therapy ticks so many boxes for people who can at last access treatment from home or wherever they feel most comfortable and at times that suit them. If feels great to be providing this service.

As My Therapist Online has grown, as has our team of expert therapists. Many of our therapists, like me, want to continue to treat people without family or other commitments being a limiting factor.

There are lots of directory type websites out there listing therapists and we realised that a lot of people seeking therapy must end up randomly picking their therapist governed mainly by the proximity to their home. My Therapist Online aims to find the right therapist for a person’s needs no where they live. It is a service that looks at the therapeutic needs of each individual and which selects the right therapist based on their experience and skill set.

People should be able to access the best therapist for their need, no matter where they live.  In these days of instant access to pretty much any other service, why should therapy be any different?

Online treatment

Some of my clients report finding online treatment initially a little different, but they all quickly get used to the format.  On completing their therapy, many people have told us how refreshing it was to be able to talk through their problems from the convenience and comfort of their own home, rather than having to travel to a more formal feeling therapy room.

Some due to travel, work or other commitments have previously had disjointed therapy, online treatment enables people to continue to access treatment when they are away from home.

So that's how we ended up with My Therapist Online

We want to help more people access the right treatment for their needs, with all the convenience and growing evidence base for online therapy.


For our Clients

  • We believe that you should have access to the right therapist for your individual needs. We will find you the right therapist without being limited by locations and we will ensure your path to recovery is given the best start.


For our Therapists

  • We want to provide you with a steady stream of clients, who are suited to your clinical strengths, and areas of expertise. We want to give you flexibility in the sessions you provide - with no minimum hours required.