Sara Koster-Marcon

Systemic Family & Couples Psychotherapist

MSc, PG Dip CYP IAPT, PG Dip, BSc .

Having worked in various settings within the NHS and in private practice in the last 12 years, I have had the honour to meet with clients from many different backgrounds and in different formats, as individuals, as couples, as families and in the wider community, within schools and other agencies, through face to face meetings and delivering presentations about emotional and mental health. 

Systemic therapy enables family members, individuals and couples to express and explore difficulties in a safe space, sharing beliefs and views and appreciating each other’s needs, building on strengths and making useful changes in their lives. 

Families, couples and individuals in relationships (with family of origin, work, and friends) are very unique and each person thinks, feels, talks and behaves in different ways. Each person has different strengths and worries and relationship difficulties or life changes like for instance moving home, a new job, a birth, a loss, etc. can bring stress and some individuals may find it difficult to manage these. 

Family and Systemic Therapy with couples and individuals can help identify unhelpful patterns of relating and coping and together finds the resources in the individuals and in the couple/family to change them into preferred ones and preferred ways of being and relating.

I also provide Interpersonal psychotherapy, an evidence based approach, which supports clients with depression to fully understand the nature and development of the symptoms they feel affected by and become confident in understanding how to manage them in a healthy way with the support of close relationships. 

The unique encounters I have experienced with clients coping with mental health difficulties, with the support of evidence based techniques, enables me to provide the best therapeutic tools according to the clients’ needs.

I provide supports to clients affected by:

- Relationship difficulties

- Parenting difficulties

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Low self-esteem

- Stress and worry

I also meet with parents concerned about their children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I believe in providing a safe and warm space for clients who reach out to further explore their lives and stories. My approach aims at building people’s strengths and relational resources in a collaborative way.

I offer therapy sessions in English and Italian.

Professional qualifications

  • MSc Systemic Family & Couples Psychotherapy- King’s College London & Institute of Psychiatry

  • PG Dip CYP IAPT, Children and Young People, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies: PG Dip Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression- King’s College London, University College London & Anna Freud Centre

  • BSc Psychology- Universita’ degli Studi di Padova

  • Cert Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)- King’s College London, University College London & Anna Freud Centre

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Accreditation (DBT)- The Association for Psychological Therapies

  • Family- Based Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training (FB-IPT)- Anna Freud Centre

  • AMBIT Lead: Team Leader for Adolescent Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment- Anna Freud Centre

  • Professional Membership with UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)


Testimonials about therapy with Sara

“Sara has helped me find my real self. She guided me session by session with clear goals about what I wanted to get out of our meetings. She is very warm and made me feel comfortable when talking about difficult stuff. I now feel more confident and see life from a happier place.” EM

“After our sessions I thought everyone should have family therapy! Our son started to have behavioural difficulties at school. We couldn’t see a way out. She helped us see the problem from a wider perspective and not make him the problem. We can now all see what we do to contribute to that. We found better ways of communicating our emotions and be there for one another. Sara also helped us set up meetings with the school to make sure we are all on the same page in supporting him.” AW

“My wife and I were struggling in our marriage for a long time. The sessions with Sara helped us finding solutions to our issues. We now feel equipped to talk to each other and enjoy our marriage again. I was initially reluctant. Her transparency and patience helped me see the benefits of therapy.” DM