Grainne Butler

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Anxiety Disorders Specialist

Grainne is a Senior Cognitive Behavioural Therapist based in the UK, specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

She has worked at the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit (ADRU) since 2012. This is a national specialist service at the Bethlem Royal Hospital under the direction of world renowned consultant psychiatrist Professor David Veale. She provides specialist assessment and treatment to people with mild to severe and complex anxiety disorders. 

She has extensive clinical experience of working with people who suffer from 

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

  • Panic Disorder

  • Social Anxiety

  • Specific Phobia’s eg. spider

  • Vomit Phobia(Emetophobia)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD)

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Perfectionism

  • Depression

Grainne has worked in the NHS for 19 years in a variety of clinical mental health settings. She is a RMN by profession and her extensive clinical experience includes acute inpatient care and addiction services as well as a CPN in community mental health team(CMHT) and early intervention in psychosis service(EIS). 

In 2007 having completed a postgraduate diploma in CBT at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London she has worked as a CBT Therapist in Primary care, Secondary and Tertiary Care Psychological Services in the NHS. This wealth of clinical experience has resulted in Grainne providing specialist CBT supervision in the NHS and privately to a wide range of healthcare professionals in the UK and visiting students from overseas. She enjoys teaching and has recently provided a workshop for the South East England BABCP on Perfectionism.

Grainne’s clients consistently feedback that she works in a very collaborative and client centred way. She ensures therapy is guided by your meaningful goals. 

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London 2007


Registered Mental Health Nurse and member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC 1997

BSc in Health Studies 1998


Member of British Association of Behavioural and Psychotherapies BABCP

Member of the BABCP Independent Practitioners Special Interest Group

Feedback from Grainne’s clients.

“Living abroad in an non English speaking country during tough times proved difficult. Having a UK based therapist who took the time to understand my own struggles and then diagnose a path forward hasn’t proved highly valuable. Grainne is sensitive, thoughtful and caring and someone who has enabled me to open up and share my thoughts and feelings. I’m grateful for her help and continue to look forward to our sessions together.” Nick

I live in wales and access to getting good quality CBT/EPT for OCD is very limited.

Whilst searching online I came across ‘My therapist online’ and emailed to see if they could help me. They carefully looked at all their therapists experiences to allow me to work with a therapist who was best suited to the help I needed.

They recommended Grainne and I thank god everyday that they did! 

Previously I have had CBT for my OCD but have never felt I have recovered to a point where it doesn’t interfere with my daily life. Taking to Grainne during our first session made me realise I had never really worked with a specialist before. Grainne was exceptionally experienced and knew exactly what my difficulties were which put my mind at rest straight away. She also gave me a new founded determination to further my recovery.

Sessions with Grainne are relaxed but very focussed.

We always have an agenda and the sessions as always focussed on ‘ chipping away’ at OCD and the anxiety based around it.

I can’t even express the progress I have made since working with Grainne. I am more confident in my abilities to manage my OCD, educated in my condition and finally have my quality and enjoyment of life back. OCD no longer rules my life thanks to Grainne!! 

I feel very comfortable during our Skype session ( I often wear my pyjamas as I have evening appointments) and feel each session is focussed and moves me along in my recovery. I have developed a self- help therapy file and the homework that I undertake always focussed me very closely on building a resilience to the ‘OCD bully’.

This time last year I thought I was stuck and my recovery stage was as good as it could get. I thought I was going to have to deal with this quality of life ( restricted by OCD) forever. Now I am focussed in work ( have a stressful and demanding job), enjoying married life and travelling to many parts of the world.

Grainne has taught me many techniques and showed me, how  exposing yourself to fears reduces anxiety and has made me realise the world is not such a scary place.

I am now excited about life, my future and the things I have to look forward to.

I know I will always have OCD and that I will need to manage it, I am also sure I will have times in life when my OCD rears it’s ugly head again. But with Grainne help and my new confidence in dealing with OCD I feel I can deal with it and cope with any setbacks. 

Thanks Grainne you have shown me that life with OCD can be wonderful, rewarding and enjoyable- couldn’t have got to this place without you.

Leanne (Wales)