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The why & when to engage in online therapy

At some point in our lives, we all suffer from worries and changes in our mood which may effect our happiness. Therapy involves getting an understanding of the reasons and makes a clear plan for working towards feeling good again.

When to seek onlinre therapy?

Depression, anxiety, panic, bad break-ups, addiction and grief are all things that seem obvious motivators for people to seek help from a therapist. But did you know that you may also benefit hugely from therapy when you are not in the depths of a crisis?

Even if things seem ok right now, the future you is likely to look back and thank you for the investment in your time, money and energies in working on increasing your resilience, self-esteem and capacity to cope with problems life tends to throw our way. 

The lasting benefits of online therapy

A huge benefit of therapy is that the effects are long-lasting.

  • Therapy provides lasting benefits through the development of a person’s inner resources, self knowledge and increased self awareness. Unlike medication, therapy treats more than just the symptoms of the problem. It can help you identify the underlying causes of your problems.


  • Therapy helps you to identify habitual patterns of thinking and replace them with new and more positive mental habits. Your therapist will help you to look at situations in new and less upsetting ways, and to develop better ways of coping.


  • Therapy not only helps you to understand yourself better, it also helps you understand others better. When we hold negative beliefs about ourselves, others and the world, we can find ourselves viewing life through that negative lens. Through that lens we make assumptions that may or may not be true. Therapy helps you to work through these assumptions and negative beliefs and discover how things really are.


  • You don’t just work on the current problems. Therapy gives you tools to overcome problems and teaches your how to use them now and should they be needed in the future.


From crisis to becoming the best version of yourself

While therapy can help you to sail your way through stormy periods of your life, therapy benefits far exceed the time of crisis. It helps people to move beyond less depressed, or feeling a bit calmer. It can help people to make changes in their life that enable them to strive towards their most happy, most productive and most confident version of themselves. 

If there is an issue in your life that is causing you distress, don’t ignore it. Over time small problems can grow, so the earlier you engage in therapy the better you will manage in the longer term. 

Short term therapy, longer term therapy or ongoing therapy

It may be that you need a shorter term solution to an issue, or it may be you are considering longer-term, on-going therapy. Therapy can be tailored to your personal needs. The frequency of it can be scaled up and scaled down. We are committed to structuring and working for you as an individual.

Therapy isn’t just for moments of trauma and crisis it can be incredibly useful in refocusing you towards your personal goals, valued directions and needs. It can train you in the art of self compassion and self respect. It enables you to strive towards being your best and most contented self. 


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I do hope we can help you to move towards your personal goals. 


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