Aaron Gander

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Aaron Gander is a psychotherapist that has 20 years of training and practice. Initially whilst Aaron worked for children and families social services, he commenced a four-year training programme in Transactual Analysis Psyhotherapy. On completion of this training, Aaron began to work with adolescents and their parents therapeutically. As Aaron’s training continued, he worked in a number of different setting that included working with ex-offenders and people with mental health and disability issues within the community.

Aaron, as part of his training in Transactual analysis, has also undergone seven years of personal psychotherapy and continues to jump in and out of therapy depending on which issues arise within him during his psychotherapy practice. Though this was a requirement of training as a psychotherapist, it is Aarons belief that all therapists regardless of their modality of treatment, should be in therapy to deal with their own processes that arise in treatment. Only then, in Aarons mind can the therapist truly be an integrated and an empathic psychotherapist. After all, it is through you own experience of therapy that we integrate the skills and techniques taught to us in our clinical trainings.

In 2009, Aaron commenced with career in the national IAPT program. Aaron initially trained as mental health adviser offering low intensity CBT to individuals experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. Promoted after two years into a senior position, Aaron delivered supervision to other mental health advisers across Kent.

Aaron was then promoted further and undertook the high intensity CBT training. An completion of that training, he now specialises in depression and anxiety disorders such as: OCD, social anxiety, health anxiety, specific phobia, panic disorder and agoraphobia.

Though Aaron deeply believes in using the therapeutic relationship as a vessel for change, Aaron believes that this is not enough in itself. It is Aaron’s belief that individuals suffering with emotional disorders, not only require this quality of relationship, but they also need to understand the mechanics behind their disorders. Aaron believes that developing an awareness of what it is that we do reference to what we think and how we behave in distressing situations, puts us in a powerful position to take back control over our experienced distressed. This coupled with the skills and techniques taught within the CBT process, in Aaron’s eyes is the only way to create lasting change.

Aaron’s Specialisms Include:


Generalised Anxiety Disorder (Worry)



Panic Disorder


Health Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Specific Phobia


Training and qualifications 

  • Wealdon College of counselling and psychotherapy – Pgrad Diploma Transactual analysis psychotherapy.

  • Canterbury Christ Church University (Salamon's Campus)- Pgrad certificate mental health advice.

  • Canterbury Christ Church University (Salamon's Campus)- Pgrad diploma CBT.

  • Canterbury Christ Church University (Salamon's Campus)- IAPT Supevision

  • NLP London-diploma in NLP.

  • Institute of counselling and psychotherapy-Diploma cognitive behavioural coaching.

Hours of work 

I can facilitate appointments early morning and throughout the day Monday to Saturday. I also offer evening sessions from 6pm to 9pm. I am well experienced in delivering online CBT either via Skype, text, or telephone. The choice is yours.

Words of advice. From my experience of my own personal therapy, it really pays to shop around and find a therapist that fits you as a person. If you can achieve this, then the therapeutic process will be far more enriching.

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BABCP Member: Membership number 150700

BABCP provisionally accredited.

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